My fiancé and I can’t seem to agree on having a First Look. I really want to, but he doesn’t – he thinks it will ruin the moment we’ll share when he sees me walking down the aisle. What are your thoughts? - Carrie

I’ll be honest with you; I was initially against a first look on my own wedding day. I thought it would spoil the ‘big reveal’ of me walking down the aisle. The more we thought about it, and the more we conversed with our photographer, and our friends and family, the more convinced we became that it would be a very good thing! First, my husband is a very private person when it comes to his emotions. Next, and call me vain if you like, I ugly cry. Especially at weddings, and even doubly that when I’m nervous. The last thing I wanted was 20 images of me snot-crying down the aisle. The first look helped with that. We had time before our 60 guests arrived to hug, snuggle, kiss, and talk to each other. Not only did it help to calm our nerves, but he got to be the FIRST person to see me. How special is that?

The first look also gave our photographers a solid hour to shoot our portraits together – and the pictures are amazing because nobody was watching or waiting, and we didn’t feel rushed. I understand your husband’s position, but I would also explain to him that a first look is a very special moment that is wonderfully intimate, and won’t cause that feeling to be diminished.

I’m absolutely terrified that it’s going to rain on my wedding day. I’ve tried to rationalize it, but I can’t get past the” what if?” What if? - Emily

Rain is beautiful. Weddings are beautiful. The two put together, while seemingly inconvenient, can truly make for incredible images. I chatted with Melissa at Melissa Wilson Photography – we’ve worked several rainy weddings together recently – and she loves them! “My advice every single time? Don’t make it a problem, make it a memory! It’s all about rolling with whatever should happen and trusting your vendors to take care of what needs to be done,” she said. “You should always have a backup plan for a tent or an indoor location, but the best thing to do is be bold and HAVE FUN! You don’t want to look back on your big day and remember feeling stressed. You want to laugh and enjoy every single moment! Nothing, not even rain, can ruin the happiest day of your lives.”

Melissa has shot some truly stunning rainy day weddings, too! Check out that rainbow!

I’m struggling to find direction when it comes to the theme of my wedding. I want to make a statement. I love neutrals, but the blush and gold trend just isn’t for me. What can I do? – Olivia Anne

Themes are deceptively tough! Finding your direction can be difficult, but once you do, the rest of the decisions are much easier to make – but you knew that, huh? There are several paths you can take to lend visual interest to your entire wedding day. Above all, don’t forget that neutrals don’t have to mean boring!

Your first step is to pick a neutral palette; say grey, beige, and crème.

For a clean chic look, you can simply add darker and lighter shades of each of the colors in your palette; charcoal, brown, and white. Then let the textures in the fabrics and flowers make a wonderfully relaxed statement.

For a load of glamour, add in mixed metals, silver, bronze, and pewter. Mixed metals are a favorite trend of mine, as it gives you the ability to add texture and shine without overwhelming your palette. A group of ladies in metallic bridesmaid gowns look gorgeous with neutral tablecloths set with gold or silver chargers and all white flowers, and a groom in a sharkskin tuxedo. The glam factor is off the charts!

For a pop of color, add a statement color to that same neutral palette; say, deep saffron yellow. Then you can add that statement color into your neutral flowers and put yellow napkins or glassware on the tables. You could even put your bridesmaids in a soft lavender grey color for some complementary color play.

We can’t wait to see what theme you choose!

Images By:

Melissa Wilson Photography

Debra Eby Photography