Ask the Editor Spring 2016

Jillian Jensen Holt

My fiancé and I can’t really afford to take a honeymoon. We have a little money saved for it, but it seems like traveling is going to cost too much. What can we do? - Madison

Who says you have to go anywhere? Have a staycation! Imagine this: Make YOUR own house a Bed & Breakfast. Tidy up the house in the days and weeks before the wedding, clearing away any clutter. Put fresh sheets and extra pillows on your bed, fresh flowers (your wedding flowers!) in vases around the house. Stock the fridge with the ingredients you’d need to make omelets each morning, chicken salad croissants and soup with fresh fruit in the afternoon, and something delicious for dinner each night. Cook together. Light candles and use cloth napkins. Disconnect yourself from social media, emails, and non-emergency phone calls or texts. Sleep in. Go somewhere in your own city that you’ve always wanted to go but never had the time. If the weather permits, spend a day in the sand or in a park. Go on a picnic.

Honestly, the first days of marriage are so blissful; you’ll have a blast just being together.

I’m not a dressy girl. Since I’m a nurse, I spend most of my time in scrub and a ponytail! I am completely lost when it comes to what hair and makeup I should do, but worst of all, I can’t decide what to look for in a bridal gown! Can you help? – Erin

I understand your dilemma! It can be hard to envision a blushing bride in tulle and taffeta with jewels and bows and lipstick and curls. Your bridal look doesn’t have to be so daunting! I often recommend that a bride look back through pictures to find a time where she really looked and felt pretty. Take notes. Was your hair up or down? Did your cheeks look rosy and your lips dark? Or maybe you had smoky eye makeup and your hair pulled back? For the biggest ‘oomph,’ I recommend doing things you don’t normally do! If you wear your hair up for work everyday, you may consider wearing your hair down. If you normally wear chapstick, you may consider a darker lip. Then, work with professional bridal makeup artists and hairstylists to create a look that flatters your features, and makes you feel your best. This is why bridal trials exist!

As for your gown selection, I suggest scheduling an appointment in a reputable gown shop, and taking your time trying on a variety of silhouettes and styles. Often, what you see online is deceptive, and can get you stuck on a certain look that may not be the best look for you! The wonderful people that work in bridal shops see brides day in and day out, and can often put you in something stunning on the first try!

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